What to See and Do in New York City

Planning a trip to New York City can be a challenge. Although most people put the Statute of Liberty and the Empire State Building on their list of places to see, it is always best to include some lesser known attractions. Following are three attractions every tourist may wish to visit while in the Big Apple.

Columbus Circle Monument

Did you know all official distances in New York City are measured from the Columbus Circle Monument? Established on the 400th anniversary of the discovery of America, this monument brought more than 10,000 immigrants to celebrate its dedication on October 12, 1892, and people from all over the world come to see it today. The statute of Columbus is the centerpiece and is accompanied by the prows and anchors of three ships to commemorate the three ships he brought to the country.

Grant’s Tomb

Grant’s Tomb marks the resting place of President Ulysses S. Grant and his wife Julia and is visited by people from across the globe every year. The city wanted to remember this great general and soldier and all he did for the country, and the monument allows for this. The tomb’s design was created as part of a contest, one won by John Hemenway Duncan, and people gather each year on April 27th at the tomb to remember Grant’s birthday.

Highbridge Park

Don’t spend all of your time in the city indoors, visiting art museums or taking in shows. Plan a trip to Highbridge Park where you can bask in the beauty of the area. The High Bridge is the oldest standing bridge in the city and lends its name to the park. This park is home to not only the bridge but also the Highbridge Tower. Here individuals can have some fun and unwind with family and friends during their trip.

Determine which Places to Visit in NYC will go on your list. Many tourists find it difficult to choose only a few places to take in during their time in the city. Don’t worry if all cannot be fit into one trip. The city is always glad to welcome people back for a return visit, as they want to ensure everyone gets to see the amazing things this city has become known for.