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Top Reasons Why Your Bathroom Sink Gets Clogged and What You Can Do

According to recent statistics, the drain cleaning equipment industry has reached half a billion dollars in value on a global scale. If the causes of clogged sinks could have been prevented, none of this amount of money would have been spent and wasted in the past year. Obviously, hiring a plumber near me comes in handy during these times. Nonetheless, before things get worse and require their help, there are some things that would prevent such a thing from happening.

Getting a blocked sink happens for a good range of causes. You will be able to learn more about these things here. Before you come to the point of hiring a plumber near me, there are ways to prevent these things from happening.

There are more or less five common causes of having clogged sinks. These cause begin with dirt, soap, hair, small items, and damaged pipes.

Your sink is primarily used to wash some dirt right off you. A bit of dirt will not immediately put your sinks to harm. And yet, blocked pipes still happen when dirt builds up in the pipes that you have. This is often caused by having big lumps of dirt and mud in your pipes. The best solution for this problem is to shake off excess debris from your hands before you go on and wash them in your bathroom sinks. When your sink is still clogged, get in touch with a plumber near me right away.

Soap is another reason for getting clogs on your bathroom sinks. The typical soap comes with grease or fat content. What you get is soap scum. In time, this soap scum will harden on your pipe and would lead to clogging. Other effects include staining of your fittings and taps. A pressure washer can get rid of all of these residues. Otherwise, you can prevent this from happening when you use liquid hand cleaners that are not made from soap. You may need to find a plumber near me when the problem still remains to be solved.

Another common cause of sink blockage is hair. A simple wad of hair actually has the power to catch some soap scum and dirt as what you have learned in the previous mentions. What you get in the end is an almost-solid plug made of hair that would stop the water from being drained away. There are dedicated products that can look after removing the hair that is found lodged into your pipes. Calling a plumber near me maybe necessary if you have no idea what you need and how to do it. The use of the internet is one of the best ways for you to get a good list of possible plumbers for hire in your area. Nonetheless, you can prevent your hair from blocking your pipes by getting a drain guard. It is their job to keep the hair from going to your pipes by catching them firsthand.